Saturday, 9 June 2012

Another Beautiful Day

The sun is really shining today as I prepare for my fourth group game of the tournament. Although I have had no snooker for the last two days, I am really kicking myself for not taking the opportunity to further explore this great city. 

 Much of Wednesday evening was spent in the company of fellow snooker players  Darrren Paris (Switzerland), Frank Sarsfield and Kevin McMahon (Ireland) and Darren Morgan (Wales) as we dissected our game and the week in general, good craic. I also had a brief chat with 'Team Holland' at the hotel patio, great bunch of people.

Enjoying refreshments at Hotel Latgola
I was feeling particular tired after having to play two matches on Wednesday, first against Latvia's best mens player Vilnis Laiilus and then Phil Mumford from England, two very tough matches and I was disappointed to loose both by the narrowest of margins, both 3-2 defeats. It now means I really need to win my remaining two matches.

Back to Daugavpils and from my bedroom window you can see in the distance our venue, The Olympic Sport Centre to the left in the distance, while St Peters Church faces the back of the hotel. Over the the far right from that, in the distance again you can just make out another Church of sorts, with the gold shimmering in the morning sun. My next excursion, get the snooker finished first though.

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