Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Let the competition commence

So the competition began today in earnest at 10:00am with eager cueists keen to get off the mark with a victory, referees hoping there would be some quick matches and the organisers just hoping for a trouble free day.  

 As my own match wasn't scheduled until 16:00 I had the opportunity to explore again a little of what Daugavpils has to offer. Before that however I took the opportunity for a swim at the Olympic Village, a special rate of L2.80 for players, and very enjoyable it was. If you are tempted gents, what I would say is leave the 'Budgie Smugglers' at home...not a good look before lunch.

For lunch today I stumbled across 'HessBurger' which seems to be a popular and very affordable fast food joint, judging by the queues at 2pm. To find it, simply walk past St Peters Church (behind Hotel Latgola) its on the end of Rigas Iela. The staff also speak very good English which is a bonus, ideal if you are looking for a quick meal on the go.

L-R Marc Chouillier, Me, Johann Hansson
Back to the snooker and I came through with a 3-1 victory, my opponent Marc Chouillier from France a very noble and gracious competitor, with a very solid cue action to boot which will take him a long way.

In the hotel lobby last evening I met my good friend Veikko Hannula or 'Victor' from Finland, top notch referee and great craic to boot. It reminded me that the team of referees from EBSA give up a lot of their time to participate in these events, and clearly get as much enjoyment from their participation as the players do. Respect.

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