Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Long Journey

My 2012 European Event began in earnest with a two hour drive along the M1 Motorway towards Dublin, in time to catch the 17.20pm Ryan Air flight to Riga. Only after I had said a tearful 'see you soon' to Joanne, Megan, Kiefer and Theresa who I am going to miss terribly while I am away, even if there is Skype.

The Approach to Riga - Sunset
The flight itself was very enjoyable, arriving in Riga in very good time. From there we had a brief wait at the Airport before catching the bus that would take us to the Latgola Hotel in Daugavpils, a long and often bumpy 4 hour drive.
Tired and exhausted,we checked in at around 3.30am, just in time to get a few hours sleep, boy did I need it.


  1. awh thanks for the mention on your blog we miss you loads and are glad you got to your destination safely. joanne loved the skype conforsation we all had together as a family. love you loads xxx