Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Search for Flags

Some of the players received an email from Maxime this week, advising that the organizers had difficulty obtaining some flags for the venue, Northern Ireland being one of them.

Now you would think coming towards the 12th of July or 'The Twelfth' here in Northern Ireland you would be in a position to obtain said flag anywhere. Not so. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty attached to the lamposts in certain areas, but I for one wasn't reaching for the ladder.
A quick call to the local council who advised they couldn't be seen to supply flags, an email to a local radio station (no reply) a tweet on twitter (thanks for the offer Jason) and another phone call to a local flag shop in Belfast who seemed to be closed constantly. It appeared that this was going to be difficult. A request was even made to the local DUP office, again no success (thanks for the help anyway Johnny).

Northern Ireland Flag (and some well known Golfers)
Anyway, I was in Dublin on Friday evening to pick up my passport, which is another long story, more of that later. Before making the long journey from Cookstown to Dublin I decided to source some flag suppliers 'down south' and was fortunate to come across O'Regan Flags in busy Pearse Street, Dublin.

The owner, a lovely man welcomed me at the door to what looks like a private residence, before beginning the search for a solitary Northern Ireland flag, advising that he hasn't received many requests of late due to the National team 'not doing very well'...which I thought was funny.

A few frantic searches in what is obviously a busy shop saw the proprietor present the needed flag, with relief. So one Northern Ireland flag to take to Latvia with me for the tournament organizers, even if I had to travel to Dublin to purchase it.

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